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Xtravoip located in kerala india provides cheap and crystal quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service to residential and business customers worldwide. Using software on your computer or mobile device, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA's), IP Phones, or IP PBX's, along with a broadband internet connection allows you to bypass the traditional local, long distance, and international telephone carriers resulting in significant savings for both incoming and outgoing calls. Xtravoip customers receive the benefits of high quality phone calls, low costs, an advanced feature-set, and flexible services.

Xtravoip has been providing VoIP services to end-users since 2005, and is a service of Mesoft Technologies which is part of the Xtravoip Wholesale group of companies. Xtravoip was founded in 2003 by individuals involved in international telephony services since 1995.Xtravoip offers cheap VoIP calling cards and international phone calling cards for making long distance calls right from your pc and from your mobile.

We offer complete PC to Phone solutions and mobile dialers in form of VoIP calling cards and international phone calling cards to our dedicated customers, we also provide a highly customised and scalable software capable of Voice over IP Internet calls (VoIP calling) from a personal computer to our PSTN Network, allowing calls to anywhere in the world at highly competitive rates. Our Xtravoip Dialer users from dubai,abudhabi,kuwait,qatar,and in saudi arabia, oman experience the best voice call quality available out there in the market.

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